Monday, September 17, 2007

Harlot Democracy

I heard best-selling author, the Yarn Harlot speak at Third Place Books on Friday, I was tired and out of it and didn't even get a photo! She signed a postcard for me, I don't have her book. They had a signing system, the store gave out ordered tickets ahead of time but Stephanie said she wanted any moms with kids or pregnant ladies to be able to jump the line and go first. She said that's how things would be if women ruled the world!

I took the chance and even though I had no ticket, I clearly had a baby in my belly and I was third in line! I told her I took the class in Madrona, 8 months ago and this is why I was less than energetic. I didn't say any of the other cleaver things I had planned, I talked fast and got all goofy and just slipped away, feeling funny. I saw all the other women in line. They've all got busy lives and may have kids at home, deadlines or people to care for. I liked the idea of the Harlot's democracy, but I felt guilty for being on the receiving end of it. (Funny, after feeling so entitled!) Some people would wait for 2-3 hours to get the chance to talk to her, and she would sit there and sign all those books and meet people. I had already met her before, why should I take up their time to meet her again.

If the signing line had been a bunch of white men in suits, I would have had no problem with jumping the queue, but these were my people, I don't feel any more deserving than them. Sorry, people. I'll make gauge swatches as penance!

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