Saturday, June 25, 2011


We survived Spring soccer in the Pacific Northwest! Out of 8 practices, I think we had 2 where the sun came out.

The kids were troopers, during one they practiced in 45 degrees of wind and rain with no complaints! It was a full family affair, DH would meet us after work and we cheered each other on (or, sit in the car and stay dry waiting for the other one!).

The kids were proud to finish it and get certificates at the end, they made some good friends and next year, we'll sign up for the summer session!

Butters was a proud big brother!


I'll bet my sisters and parents can relate to this photo. When I was younger and I'd get mad, I'd hide under my favorite blanket. It was a pink, blue and white crocheted blanket from my great Aunt Eva (I think). I could see people from between the holes, but I felt like they couldn't see me. I suppose history likes to repeat itself. Who do you think is under this towel?

Art Quilt

We've been recovering from some serious computer virus and technological failures in this house! My blog has been seriously ignored. But, we are back online and I'll update you on our Spring as we start our Summer!

This is an art quilt that we'll hang in our bedroom. I used free motion quilting and pieced it together so you'd see those small brown squares. Sewing it together didn't take long, the quilting took about 30 minutes a square.