Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Take a Walk with Us!

Butters' illness before Cmas meant we couldn't leave the house. So, when DH got home early on Wednesday, I hit the road for a last minute gift and some road rage. I was home in time (the sun goes down around 4:30) to take a walk with E who had been couped up and needed some attention, too! Take a walk with us!
Blurry, but look at that smile! "Follow me!" She said. Then she ran off, "Can'tcatchme."
Demonstrating the grouchy face. M&Ms got her going again, then she said she was, "Just kidding!" You have to stay one step ahead of her. Notice the socks on her hands.

Examining rocks, her favorite.

Put the rocks in your pocket. Mom, don't forget to get them out before the washing machine!

"Pick me up?" She walked about a mile round trip.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Old Bum

We met up with Santa at our favorite toy store, Rowdy Rascals in Snohomish! Much better than waiting in line at the mall! My grandpa used to call him, "The Old Bum," and we'd get so upset, "No Grandpa, he's not a bum!"

Look at those trusting faces! What do you expect, 364 days out the year we tell them to stay away from strangers, then we think they'll sit on a strange man's lap and not be afraid? I had in my mind the perfect picture, the kids in slightly matchy outfits, dark jeans for Princess E and a three button red sweater, both sitting smiling on Santa's lap. E insisted on these turquoise pants and a pink shirt and then she was very unsure of this imposing bearded man. I ended up in the photo and none of us match and it's not the perfect photo but it was still a perfect day!

We went to Olympia for the holidays and now it's time to detox and play with all our toys. Butters was sick during the holiday but he's back to his old self-pestering his sister and demanding sugary treats, oh and telling jokes and giving kisses! Look how mellow he is.
For Santa, we don't put a huge emphasis on him bringing all the gifts. We had our own Cmas morning the weekend before, then family meals and gift opening Cmas eve down in Oly, then Cmas morning, Santa leaves a little something in the stockings. I never know where we'll be, so the stockings are portable and small! I had fruit candies, water color paint and a small gift and a ball for each. I ask Butters what Santa brings and he said, "Candy canes or something?" So, I had DH pick up candy canes, too! Here's why there are more pictures of E on the blog them Butters, he doesn't like having his picture taken anymore (I wonder why?). This was Cmas morning.
Last month, we asked Butters what he wanted for Cmas, Darth Vader's Tie Fighter or Boba Fett's ship. He wanted Boba's ship. DH found and bought it on eBay. We opened presents, then saw Santa at the toy store. He asked Santa for the Tie Fighter. On the drive home, we asked him why, "Because I already had Boba Fett's ship!" Next time, Santa before the presents!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Twenty-nine! I can't believe it.

And, neither should you! I'm 34 today, but decided to throw a last minute party and pretend to be 29 again. I don't know how kids know it's your birthday, but at the stroke of midnight last night, Butters came to my room to deliver the news, "Mom, I was coughing and then I spit up all over the place." Well, it all went down hill fast: 3 pajama changes, 2 bed sheets, a constant battle for attention (one needs me and the other wants me) and 6 loads of laundry later and now here I am. Twenty-nine again.

About three in the morning last night, I was awake listening to the sound of snoring, a tummy grumbling and the rain falling. I remembered a time I had asked for my birthday to not have to change any diapers. That was the Target Parking Lot Incident of 2007 and I won't replay to you what happened, all I'll say is, that kids know when it's your birthday or mother's day or any other special day and that's when they test you the most!

Instead, I will remember the day before my birthday-a gathering with friends and window shopping in Snohomish-decked out in antiques for the holidays. I had temporarily lifted my "No Christmas References During My Birthday" Rule to allow my wonderful husband to serve cupcakes on a snowman plate and we had a great morning pretending it was early family Festivus opening all our gifts. And next year, I'll celebrate my half birthday during the summer solstice and really have some fun. Birthdays are still fun and cause for celebration, just not mine, today. :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow Walk

"Let's take a walk, it's snowing out." We got bundled up and the snow ended! But, the ponds were frozen and we let the kids ice skate on some small frozen puddles. Everyone but the dog enjoyed it, dogs don't enjoy skidding. I was happy to keep the family warm in their hand knits, but I need to get started on family mittens.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I knitted her an adorable purple bog sweater and she refused to wear it. The lace February Baby sweater only fit her for 2 weeks. Lately, every time I'm knitting, she says, "For me? Hat for me?" So I gave in and made her a quick obnoxious pink hat.
She wears it all the time!!!! I also made one for Tiny Baby, her constant companion.
You can see some some sacrificed yarn in the background, around the door knob, it was a small price to pay to the toy goddesses for me to get some online shopping done! Plus, it's acrylic!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Butters Photo Shoot 5

This is Tiny Baby, Princess E's current favorite doll.
An X wing fighter and the space shuttle. Specifically arranged.

My messy mantle. I'm almost too embarrassed to post this. It's since been cleaned. I asked what he took a photo of, he said, "My leapfrog game." It's the green thing!

Catch Up!

Picture from the dreaded Chuck E Cheese birthday party. A 10 am party after I stayed out late to go see New Moon. This guy sits and eats every bite of cake!
She is up for anything. Seriously! She smiles so easily and is all about fun. Except when she on the floor screaming because she doesn't approve of the shoe choice!

She's also very expressive!

Unintended blog vacation, I'll catch you up on a few things. We had a lovely Thanksgiving with the in-laws including a one night stay at a Shelton Casino with just DH and myself. We Festivus shopped for the kids (together! alone!), shopped the downtown stores in Olympia and had a blast on the slot machines. We were (okay I was) drunk by 6 pm! We didn't make it past midnight, but getting up at 5 am will do that to you.
It's cold here, in the teens at night and not above freezing during the day. The dog doesn't even like to go out. Last week, while the sun was out and it was warmer we made it to the zoo, but I didn't remember my camera. I only had the backpack, no stroller. Princess E ended up on my shoulders. It was fun, the kids were great. We rode the carousel, met up with friends, stopped at the park after. I was exhausted. DH asked the kids if they had fun, and Butters said, "No." I nearly died! What's the point, what am I doing all this for? I could just turn the TV on all day!
Getting ready for the next holiday and feeling the Christmas Craft Crunch. Time to decide what I have time for and what's too optimistic.