Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring (?) Break

I took the kids down to see their grandparents and cousin for our spring break. This gave DH a few nights to himself which he enjoyed, even if the Mariner's lost by 11 points!
They went to the children's museum, I went to the yarn store.
They went to Point Defiance Zoo, I did my statistics homework. A girl could get used to this!
The best part-is all the fishing you can ask for (and Butters did, constantly!)

If there is no dancing and silliness involved then we don't want to be invited!

You can just see it in her face, she's saying in her head. "Look at me, I'm fishing and I look like Strawberry Shortcake."

Nice cast! We had patches of sun, it was around 45 degree for this shot.

We even fit in some sunset fishing time. No, we didn't catch anything. But, we used nearly every lure, even the salt water ones. The Princess demanded to catch a salmon and Butters told me he knew more about fishing than I did. I told him I went out on one hundred and eight whale watch trips and I have been a galley wench and captained a 100 foot boat (for 30 minutes)! But, I have no tackle box, which equal experience, in his eyes.