Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Painting Every Day

Several times a day, the Princess heads into the sun room and paints at the easel. Water and water colors, paper or just the chalk board. She will carefully paint a picture, then cover it up and paint again. She's very busy and her dresses are ruined!
It's also easy to get distracted. She paints her hands and her feet as well!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lost Tooth

Butters lost his first tooth! Bottom left. He wiggled it and it popped out one night as we were reading books. He said, "I need to show my Dad." We put it in an envelope for the tooth fairy and put it next to the bed, so she could find it. Then he asked, "Am I a grown up now?" Close, you have 27 more to loose (or something like that)!

The tooth fairy left a certificate, and a dollar. And the one next to it is wiggling!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Butters Photo Shoot 6

I won't show you the rest of the photos Butters took at the animal park, they are all close ups of animal butts! He thought that was so funny! I didn't.
Notice: E is still wearing that wool hat I knit her, even though it's about 65 and sunny. When it was cold, she didn't wear it, she wore tank tops and now that it's warm: fleece and wool!

Does This Look Cold to You?

It was windy and cloudy Monday, but no rain, so we did the animal farm and the spray park at Forest Park. All free, but we made a donation to the animal farm. E has to let brother try everything first! And yes, it was cold, but bearable.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Legalize Frostitution

Rowdy Rascals toy sore, cupcakes at the newly open Simply Sweets, and a walk along the river to work out the sugar. A trip to Snohomish on a cloudy day was just what we needed.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


When you see a picture of a sick kid do you ever wonder how someone can just take a picture of it and not feel anything? She got Tylenol before this and had just woken up, I assure you, she's fine! This was our annual bought with cocksackie, the hand, foot and mouth disease. It's a virus that gives you a fever, aches and sore on the mouth. You are supposed to only get it once, but Butters has had it twice now.

We stayed home to avoid contamination, but that doesn't mean you can't rock out!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Date Night

Burke Museum, Butters called this a monkey person, I decided I should buy a new bra before I look like this.
He doesn't look happy here but he was beaming the whole time! He had been sick earlier in the week and his skin is broken out, but he's feeling fine.

We decided we needed more one on one time with our kids, so Butters and I went out on a Date Night! At his request, we put on our 'fancy clothes,' I even put on a dress. After DH got home from work, we braved the traffic and headed into the city to the Burke Museum, which was free and open late that night. Without the Princess to distract, we were able to really look at the exhibits this time, ride the giant elevator again and take our time.
Next, we ended up the University village, where went to the book store and bought a book on, you guessed it, Star Wars. We had dinner at the Johnny Rockets diner where the server talked to us like Yoda and he made us this:
We had milkshakes, so Butters ate none of his dinner. We went to the play area, then home and to bed. He felt pretty special, and I tried to rekindle the old flame. It seems most of the time I'm yelling at him about something he's done to his sister, so this my first attempt at more peace.
At home, DH decided to spoil the Princess, they had her favorite dinner-Macaroni and Cheese! They also had ice cream and a special bubble bath.