Monday, September 28, 2009

A Run for My Money

This one is quite fiesty. I think sometimes parents want their children to do the things they never got to do, say and be! Well, it's true, I always wanted to do roller derby and may still give it a try (I'd be Mayhem Mamma), it's just not what I thought my daughter would end up doing.

I love the children's singing group, Sweet Honey in the Rock, they have a line for this: You can strive to be like them, but you cannot make them just like you!

She demanded the skates on.
She tried, she fell.
I helped her up. She sad, "I do it."
She got up herself and wouldn't let me help.
She rolled a few feet and fell.
Got up and kept going.
I've hid the skates.
Seriously, baby E, how about law school?

Side note: I want to see the new Drew Barrymore movie, Whip it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I've been writing this post in my head for several months now, it was supposed to be about all the big changes around here, but things keep changing. In July, I weaned baby E. She was 21 months. I was both proud to be nursing my child to give them a good start in life and at the same time ashamed to be nursing a toddler. I know why this is, and I'm sad to have felt shame at doing something very natural. E and I are seriously close-attached, she amazingly affectionate and confident. I know nursing had a lot to do with that. The pediatric association says to nurse a minimum of one year and that three years is best. They also say you should get vaccine for diseases like polio and chicken pox. People like to pick and choose what they support. They agree with vaccines, but if a kid can ask for milk, they should be nixed from the boob! My rule, was that if they ask for it politely using a complete sentence, it's time to wean, but it's up to you.

I spent the last 5 years either pregnant or nursing (with a three month break in the middle). I decided it was time to let go, over drink, eat unhealthy food, drink an extra cup of coffee, go crazy-take drugs for a headache! I promptly gained 10 lbs. I'm guessing at the amount, I don't have a scale but my jeans are no longer comfortable! Time to run some more.

The other big change was going to be sleeping habits. E is in a full size bed, she just never did like that damn crib! She is sharing a room with Butters which is not easy. They wakes each other up, but we don't have many options in a 2 bedroom house. Butters was sleeping through the night in his own bed, then he wasn't, then he was, it goes back and forth. E will sleep all night in her bed a few times a week, but lately she's been on a nap strike and went 4 days without a nap. On nap free days, she's asleep by 7:30 which is nice, but up by 6 am, which is not so nice.

All is clear on the cancer front, Ty had a cold a few weeks ago and I held my breath until he got better. I'm not sure when things will feel normal again, or when I will stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. For now, we are all healthy and happy, except for going to preschool if you are 4.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Second Photo Shoot

Butters took these pics, the best one of me in years!


is not so cool to Butters. He doesn't want to go. Here is a sampling of his statements:

I don't like school.
Cough, cough, I feel sick, I can't go to school.
Mom, I just love you. I want to stay home.
I don't like school.
Okay, I'll try it.
I tried it and I don't like it.

I bribed. The first day, he got ice cream and a present. Today, we played at the park after and he got a present. No more presents. I've put up the days of the week, so we can talk about school days and days to do other things together. I don't like forcing him to do something, but he has fun once he's there!

I've had a great time, getting some alone time w/E. We went to the dog woods today and hiked for over an hour. She explored and had a blast.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last Day of Summer

First day of Preschool for Butters tomorrow. We finished up the summer with a solo camping trip-"a special treat for just mom and me!" We met our friends in the woods, including three friends from Preschool and their parents, some new friends and lots of star wars references! All in all there were 4 four year old boys and 2 two year olds. We had a blast. DH had a cold this week, so he stayed home with E and they had their own special time together.

I was surprised at how easy it was to grab everything and go, I decided to do it Saturday morning and we grabbed our tent, food, air mattress, several changes of clothes and we hit the road. We drove North for about 30 minutes to Granite Falls and followed the mountain highway to the Turlo campground on the Pilchuck river at the base of Mount Baker. Couldn't have been more perfect. Just water and pit toilets but a rope swing and lots of rocks and dirt and glow sticks at night (light sabers) are all you need when you've got friends and you are four!

Butters was unsure of the rope swing at first and part of me is glad for that and the other part doesn't want him to miss out on any fun. So, he watched his more adventurous friend take a few swings, and then he mustered up his courage. He took a little swing. He took a bigger swing, then he took a running swing and went out over the water and the biggest smile spread across his face. Sometime you need your friends to teach you how to try new things. He did it over and over. I had left my camera at the camp site. I went back and got it and managed to get one photo. He tried to avoid the next snap of the camera and fell in the water! We got cleaned up and headed out! We'll definitely go back again, but I'll need to go shopping first-the air mattress has a slow leak and Butters fell into the tent and broke a pole! Good thing the summer is over!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


We had a lovely day today- trip to the Zoo and then a stop at Trophy Cupcakes in Wallingford, a neighborhood of Seattle. We usually do Cupcake Royale, woman owned and she gives her employees health care. Trophy is a level fancier, similar price, cute decor and they have a parking lot. I had peanut butter frosting on chocolate cupcake. The kids got lemon cupcake with strawberry frosting and sprinkles. We brought home a snicker doodle for Dad! I refuse to choose sides, I'll go to the one closest to me!

You can tell that Butters is tired of being photographed but E certainly is not!

On the way home, the kids played their favorite car game: Butters yells E's name and she turns her head and pretends to ignore him. Tomorrow I'm hosting a park clean up for Sept 11th remembrance and day of service and then next week we start pre-school!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Butters Photo Shoot

I let Butters take photos the other day, here are the things important to a young boy!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Size 4

Proof my kids are huge, they are both wearing the same size pajamas from the same set. Size four on my 4.5 year old and my almost 2 year old. To be fair, PJs run a bit small, but it looks like I can move the PJs from Butter's drawer right to Es!