Monday, September 28, 2009

A Run for My Money

This one is quite fiesty. I think sometimes parents want their children to do the things they never got to do, say and be! Well, it's true, I always wanted to do roller derby and may still give it a try (I'd be Mayhem Mamma), it's just not what I thought my daughter would end up doing.

I love the children's singing group, Sweet Honey in the Rock, they have a line for this: You can strive to be like them, but you cannot make them just like you!

She demanded the skates on.
She tried, she fell.
I helped her up. She sad, "I do it."
She got up herself and wouldn't let me help.
She rolled a few feet and fell.
Got up and kept going.
I've hid the skates.
Seriously, baby E, how about law school?

Side note: I want to see the new Drew Barrymore movie, Whip it!


jad said...

E can do roller derby and law school. It might just be a little soon for roller derby since she's only been walking for about a year or so! If you were in a derby I'd fly out to see you! That would rock!

P. Mookie said...

I do believe E is the wild side of her mother reborn.

Elizabeth said...