Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No one will go cold!

I finished my upstairs project at the end of the summer-a knitted blanket, which I knit, in August, to finish in time for a wedding. The happy couple live in Alaska, who else would I knit a wool blanket for, in August! Full disclosure, I did knit a wool blanket for my sister in Florida, I have learned from my mistakes!

Project details: Harrisville Designs New England Highland(a great small family US company)
Pattern: Shadow rib: knit two rows in main color, knit one row in contrasting color, purl one row in cc. Repeat. Use the end strings for fringe. Tie off. I don't remember the CO but I'm thinking 120 stitches or so. I used a size 11 needle.

Speaking of mistakes, I learned why you never see flannel rag quilts with triangles. In the corners with the offset triangles, I had close to 20 layers of fabric! I broke 2 needles, became gun shy and had to cut out sections to get them through the machine. Wouldn't do this ever ever again, but it sure looks nice! It's a San Francisco, gay friendly baby blanket!
Ironically, It's as close to perfect as I've sewn so far. I took the time to trim and square up my triangles, and cut very carefully. I didn't have to trip off a single inch to make the blanket look like a rectangle.
And since I got an email from my aunt this morning asking for a photo of the kids or a kid, I'll be a brat and post this one!

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P. Mookie said...


Rainbow quilt is colorful and sewing looks fantastic. Nice job.

Now be a good brat and post a photo or two of Butters and E.