Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Play Dough

I've given up trying to lay things out in blogger, it never looks like it does on screen, for now, I'll just dump in pictures and put text below, although I'm not certain it will end up there!
You may wonder how I have time to knit, here is my secret: some activities require constant supervision but not necessarily participation! I made 'pumpkin spice play dough,' and the kids were busy for at least an hour. I got a few rows done in between cleaning up the floor. This was the Friday before the sickness hit and we have since re-heated this and played with it many more times and I finished this blue hat I was working on. If you ask, I'll post the dough recipe. It's quick and easy. E really concentrates and works at it longer than Butters.

We've really been enjoying the season, jumping in leaves and getting outside when we can, baking and just enjoying time together. I've been trying to say yes more often than no and every one's attitude is a little brighter lately.
The wood art is made by DH, he's a crafty guy, too! We have a special anniversary coming up, a year since the end of all the treatments, so officially a year of being cancer free! He's got a doctors check up, and then we'll celebrate somehow.


Elizabeth said...

awesome wood art. i still think about the fireplace cabinet.

Carrie said...

Recipe please! Sounds like some nice days :)

P. Mookie said...

And whose hands are those knitting? They look like Geatter's hands!