Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Play Dough

I've given up trying to lay things out in blogger, it never looks like it does on screen, for now, I'll just dump in pictures and put text below, although I'm not certain it will end up there!
You may wonder how I have time to knit, here is my secret: some activities require constant supervision but not necessarily participation! I made 'pumpkin spice play dough,' and the kids were busy for at least an hour. I got a few rows done in between cleaning up the floor. This was the Friday before the sickness hit and we have since re-heated this and played with it many more times and I finished this blue hat I was working on. If you ask, I'll post the dough recipe. It's quick and easy. E really concentrates and works at it longer than Butters.

We've really been enjoying the season, jumping in leaves and getting outside when we can, baking and just enjoying time together. I've been trying to say yes more often than no and every one's attitude is a little brighter lately.
The wood art is made by DH, he's a crafty guy, too! We have a special anniversary coming up, a year since the end of all the treatments, so officially a year of being cancer free! He's got a doctors check up, and then we'll celebrate somehow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More on the 2nd Birthday

Here is our little Princess, and just like Butters before her, a switch flipped the day she turned 2 and now she lays on the floor and cries to get her way.

I'm not sure why she thinks this works, I don't give in (all the time)! We had a tea party with her friends and her brothers friends and family. I have few photos that are clear, it appears Butters touched my lens on the last photo shoot, they all the pics are a bit fuzzy! But, we had a nice spread and eveything went well. My mom said this was the best party I had planned yet, which is funny because I put less planning into this party than any yet!

Currently, we are home sick with fevers, we've made play dough, watched movies, painted dinosaurs and I've done a lot of laundry. I'm ready to get out of this house, but they are not! So far, I haven't gotten sick...yet.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Butters Photo Shoot 3

The top photos were from a walk in the woods we did with Grandma, Butters wanted to take photos of pine cones and his sister, he was walking for most shots. I love the one of E in the sun, cracks me up!
Last 2 images are of the farm. He said, "Mom, I'll do something good, I'll take a picture of ooey, gooey mud!" He also got the cars in the parking lot and the dirt inside the car, but I'll leave you with these images instead! Maybe he'll be a CSI?

Still Here!

Happy Autumn everyone! I've been busy with neighborhood work, my mom's visit and the big 2nd birthday. I'll try to catch up on all our events, it shouldn't be hard, both kids have fevers today, so we are staying in for a bit to get well and keep others from getting sick.
These are pics from South 47 farm, we took my mom there on her first day. Did a hay ride, saw pumpkins, got some organic produce. Butters didn't like to be photographed, but I did catch some natural smiles as the tractor started moving. He did his own photo shoot, I'll try to post that next. I'll start tagging them as well. It's fun to see the world through his eyes.

As the kids would play nice together or play outside, I knitted away the summer on with these wash cloths for my middle sister. Top right is a shadow rib, same as the blanket but I alternated contrasting colors so I could carry them up the side. Bottom is a flower from weekend knitting, love this! And next is an attempt at a knitted quilt square-the log cabin. They are manos cotton. Sister approved!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


They grow up fast! We had a lovely tea party for her second birthday. She was overwhelmed by all the people looking at her and singing, ironic because most of the time she wants everyone to be looking at her!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No one will go cold!

I finished my upstairs project at the end of the summer-a knitted blanket, which I knit, in August, to finish in time for a wedding. The happy couple live in Alaska, who else would I knit a wool blanket for, in August! Full disclosure, I did knit a wool blanket for my sister in Florida, I have learned from my mistakes!

Project details: Harrisville Designs New England Highland(a great small family US company)
Pattern: Shadow rib: knit two rows in main color, knit one row in contrasting color, purl one row in cc. Repeat. Use the end strings for fringe. Tie off. I don't remember the CO but I'm thinking 120 stitches or so. I used a size 11 needle.

Speaking of mistakes, I learned why you never see flannel rag quilts with triangles. In the corners with the offset triangles, I had close to 20 layers of fabric! I broke 2 needles, became gun shy and had to cut out sections to get them through the machine. Wouldn't do this ever ever again, but it sure looks nice! It's a San Francisco, gay friendly baby blanket!
Ironically, It's as close to perfect as I've sewn so far. I took the time to trim and square up my triangles, and cut very carefully. I didn't have to trip off a single inch to make the blanket look like a rectangle.
And since I got an email from my aunt this morning asking for a photo of the kids or a kid, I'll be a brat and post this one!