Monday, December 21, 2009

Twenty-nine! I can't believe it.

And, neither should you! I'm 34 today, but decided to throw a last minute party and pretend to be 29 again. I don't know how kids know it's your birthday, but at the stroke of midnight last night, Butters came to my room to deliver the news, "Mom, I was coughing and then I spit up all over the place." Well, it all went down hill fast: 3 pajama changes, 2 bed sheets, a constant battle for attention (one needs me and the other wants me) and 6 loads of laundry later and now here I am. Twenty-nine again.

About three in the morning last night, I was awake listening to the sound of snoring, a tummy grumbling and the rain falling. I remembered a time I had asked for my birthday to not have to change any diapers. That was the Target Parking Lot Incident of 2007 and I won't replay to you what happened, all I'll say is, that kids know when it's your birthday or mother's day or any other special day and that's when they test you the most!

Instead, I will remember the day before my birthday-a gathering with friends and window shopping in Snohomish-decked out in antiques for the holidays. I had temporarily lifted my "No Christmas References During My Birthday" Rule to allow my wonderful husband to serve cupcakes on a snowman plate and we had a great morning pretending it was early family Festivus opening all our gifts. And next year, I'll celebrate my half birthday during the summer solstice and really have some fun. Birthdays are still fun and cause for celebration, just not mine, today. :)


Carrie said...

I will totally celebrate your half birthday with you this year! Although my birthday isn't as close to xmas as yours, obviously, I do enjoy a good half birthday celebration!

Carrie said...

OH and happy birthday! Whoops :) Also, hope Butters is better!