Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Take a Walk with Us!

Butters' illness before Cmas meant we couldn't leave the house. So, when DH got home early on Wednesday, I hit the road for a last minute gift and some road rage. I was home in time (the sun goes down around 4:30) to take a walk with E who had been couped up and needed some attention, too! Take a walk with us!
Blurry, but look at that smile! "Follow me!" She said. Then she ran off, "Can'tcatchme."
Demonstrating the grouchy face. M&Ms got her going again, then she said she was, "Just kidding!" You have to stay one step ahead of her. Notice the socks on her hands.

Examining rocks, her favorite.

Put the rocks in your pocket. Mom, don't forget to get them out before the washing machine!

"Pick me up?" She walked about a mile round trip.

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P. Mookie said...

What a joy to return to work and see all the photos and read your comments. Such fun! LOVE the socks on the hands.

Glad Butters is feeling better too.

Thank you. Look forward to many photos and stories in 2010.