Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catch Up!

Picture from the dreaded Chuck E Cheese birthday party. A 10 am party after I stayed out late to go see New Moon. This guy sits and eats every bite of cake!
She is up for anything. Seriously! She smiles so easily and is all about fun. Except when she on the floor screaming because she doesn't approve of the shoe choice!

She's also very expressive!

Unintended blog vacation, I'll catch you up on a few things. We had a lovely Thanksgiving with the in-laws including a one night stay at a Shelton Casino with just DH and myself. We Festivus shopped for the kids (together! alone!), shopped the downtown stores in Olympia and had a blast on the slot machines. We were (okay I was) drunk by 6 pm! We didn't make it past midnight, but getting up at 5 am will do that to you.
It's cold here, in the teens at night and not above freezing during the day. The dog doesn't even like to go out. Last week, while the sun was out and it was warmer we made it to the zoo, but I didn't remember my camera. I only had the backpack, no stroller. Princess E ended up on my shoulders. It was fun, the kids were great. We rode the carousel, met up with friends, stopped at the park after. I was exhausted. DH asked the kids if they had fun, and Butters said, "No." I nearly died! What's the point, what am I doing all this for? I could just turn the TV on all day!
Getting ready for the next holiday and feeling the Christmas Craft Crunch. Time to decide what I have time for and what's too optimistic.

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