Sunday, November 22, 2009

Did You See Me?

I was the knitter on the plane who brought three different knitting projects for a 1.5 hour flight, an MP3 player and no diaper bag! I could to the bathroom-BY MYSELF-and therefore stayed well hydrated. (Have you ever taken 2 small children into an airplane bathroom with you? It should be a Mom Olympics category!) I ate at child unfriendly restaurants-Tartine and Bittersweet. I went to Kabuki spa to relax and let go. I shopped at ImagiKnit, calmly. I had a rocking time visiting some amazing women (and one new amazing little boy) in San Francisco and Oakland. As you can tell, I went by myself!
I missed the kids and my husband, or at least I'm supposed to say that. DH took the kids down to his parents, therefore, it took 3 people to replace me (Just kidding, Dear :). The best part was not just the hot food and lack of responsibility but being my old self again, laughing and telling stories with some women whose lives I really needed to catch up on. It can be too easy sometimes for your world to shrink. Being back in my old life helped me expand a bit and breath again.


Design Juju said...

You are a goddess in every Mom Olympics category Mega-babe!
Baby-O loves his ANTy and his parents appreciate her taking good care of him while they took their first two hours alone in 10 weeks. Very happy to get a live dose of MDD humor, wit and fun. xoxox-miss ya, love ya - mm

P. Mookie said...

I can hear your smile in your post. So glad you had some well-earned and deserved Geatter time. You'll have to do it again - don't wait a year. Thanks for sharing Baby O photos. He's beautiful.