Thursday, November 12, 2009

Snow White and Grumpy

This little blog is a small slice of our lives, I don't tell you everything and I certainly candy coat things. We have good weeks and bad weeks. Days when we learn letters, make play dough, eat homemade muffins and days when we watch some TV and I'm looking out the window waiting for DH to get home! What is obvious is that if I'm in a bad mood, my kids pick up on and will be grumpy too. It can be hard to be Snow White all the time, so let's just say there is a reason I'm not a preschool teacher! The other day, I was stressing getting out the door (I know just say, we are going to be late and get on with it), the Princess looked up at me and asked, "Mama, happy?" It stopped me in my tracks. "Yes, Mama's happy. Are you happy?" "Yeah," she said, "E happy." So, lets all try to be.

Right now we've got a clear skies, a woodpecker at our bird feeder and a nice sunrise. Yesterday we took a long nature walk, any moments of dryness are cherished. Butters and I were looking through a Martha craft magazine that P. Mookie gave us to do something during E's nap time. He found Nature Jars which are just cleaned out empty glass jars. Well, he got excited about having a collection! He hadn't wanted to leave on the nature walk earlier that day, then all of a sudden he's putting his boots on, picking out a jar, and rushing outside. We started with a rock, included leaves, grass, a pine cone, a clover. He walked outside and said, "Our plum tree is different, all the leaves are gone, but the Evergreen tree in our neighbor's yard still has it's needles."

Now, this is a kid who just 4 hours ago did not want to go outside, didn't want to take a walk, is tired of hiking the dog words because, "they are boy-ring." (boring). I've tried a compass, camera, I Spy and what finally worked was an empty pickle jar! You never know, but it's good to keep trying. It may not hold his interest tomorrow, but it worked for today. It was hard on Snow White, the vegetarian nature lover, when her son didn't want to go outside, then suddenly it will all pay off!

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P. Mookie said...

Your story stopped me in my tracks. Interesting to read about what it's like in your world (I thought mine was crazy) and about your aha moments. By the way, my sisters called me Princess....not so sure I want to share that title with E. Okay...she can have it.