Monday, November 9, 2009


Can't get out of the season without posting our pumpkin patch photos and carving night!

I've been busy answering thousands of questions. I can handle about 100 a day, after that, I get a bit edgy! I know it's how kids learn things, but sometimes, I just don't know the answer. We get creative, we'll look things up on the Internet or try experiments and sometimes I give the answer I told myself I would never say when I was a mom, "I'll tell you later."

Here's a sample of questions: Why do they call it soap? Why is cheese melted on pizza? Why is his name Devon? Why did you say, Ouch? Why is it her birthday? Why is Halloween over? What is Under God? Or, just plain old: Why?
The Princess has been learning words and colors, adding new words everyday. Her first color to recognize was blue. She rambles on in long sentences, "Mama, dadda, Tarter, Me, ohh, hi Levi, do." She is unafraid of everything: swimming, pumpkin guts, wet leaves and danger! I've got to keep my eye on her at all times.


P. Mookie said...

How many pumpkins did you buy? I count four in the photos! What fun.

Remember when I took you and your sisters on a trip and handed you the map to read? You guys did great and it was an excellent way to learn.

jad said...

Funny Megs!