Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had a great time trick or treating! E got the hang of it after one house, her costume was a 2 year old who refused to wear a costume. She wore it the next day, however! Bat wings I cut from fleece, they fit her perfectly.
Butters had a blast, "Just one more house!" People knew he was Obi Wan, however, he refused to be photographed, so this is all I got of my handmade jedi robe and tunic. That morning he said he wanted to be Luke Skywalker instead. He had a halloween party at school, a family halloween party and trick or treating and now we are done! I don't have great pictures of everything, but we have the memories!

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P. Mookie said...

And now you know why I stopped making elaborate handmade costumes for my great nephews. "I don't want to wear that!" Funny, the day before, you wanted to wear it.

Love E's theme.

Butters would make a good Luke Skywalker.