Friday, September 21, 2007

Home Delivery...coming soon

My husband and I have decided to give birth at home this time around. We gave birth (okay, I did it, but I couldn't do it w/out my man's support) to Butters at a hospital in California. It was a natural birth, no drugs and a wonderful labor surrounded by mom and friend. None of my fears came true-no complications, no drug pushing, healthy baby, etc. But still, I didn't feel completely in control of the process. Hospitals have procedures. May was a busy time, the hospital births as many as 60 kids a day! That day was overcrowded, I could hear the nurses talking about it in triage and the nurse was keeping me from pushing even though I was ready, there was no doctor ready. I stayed home as long as possible b/c I knew the hospital would stress me out. This time, I'll birth the baby and my midwives will tuck us into bed and say goodnight! They'll come back the next day and check on us. We don't have to put the baby in the car seat and go anywhere. We'll be home.

Before I had Butters, I thought people who delivered a baby at home were totally crazy. Nut job religious people or Luddites or something. I have felt a bit intimated telling more conservative people that this is our choice, but birthing a baby is what a body was meant to do, it's completely natural. I've taken advantage of technology, my ultrasounds, heart monitors and blood tests all show a completely healthy mother and baby. When I deliver in my home, there will literally be thousands of women doing the same thing as I am doing. Some will be in a hospital, but most will in their house, a hut, a field where they have to return to work (okay, I may be getting dramatic with the last one).

Giving birth is one of the most empowering things you can do as a woman. I was filled with confidence after Butters was born. I felt like a warrior marathon runner, like I needed a girl scout badge, like I wanted to take some photos b/c I looked fabulous!

My midwives are awesome, Valerie walked me to my car yesterday and helped put Butters in the car, they are the kind of people I want to knit for! They help me up from the bed, they hug me, they won't do anything without asking. They put me in control of my birth and my body and they give me love and guidance. That's the way our care should be!

This is an old photo of me and Butters, I haven't done it yet!!!
Everything will work out fine and my baby will be born at home, in a loving caring environment, covered in pet hair. (And don't worry, honey, I will let you sell this house someday and I won't bury the placenta in the back yard!)


P. Mookie said...

I love how you look at an idea from all sides, weigh the pros and cons, and then make an informed decision.

And I love how I've learned from you not to assume and to look at an idea from another side. And then another side.

I'll be cheering you on and anxiously awaiting the day I meet Red.

Liane said...

What! Bury the placenta bury the placenta bury the placenta! You know you want to...
hee hee hee

Anonymous said...

Don't bury anything. You guys are going moving to the subs.