Saturday, September 1, 2007

What I Can and Can't Do

My husband is much better at playing with our son than I am. I found Butters a used Tinker Toy set and all I can tinker up are lollipops. Here's what T made-a 'soft-tail motorcycle.' Butters is proud to play with it! T builds things-towers, waterwheel, car ramps and I decorate them!

I took the dog for a short walk to the dog park the other night and nearly died on the way home-serious groin pain and cramping, apparently I can't walk more than a mile.

But, there is one thing I can still do-knit! Here are two quick knits I finished up for store samples and to teach a class on this fall. They both use twisted stitches which give the look of cables, but they are much faster. I used Cascade Yarns, "Cloud 9" which is 50% angora, oh my, it is soft and heavenly to knit with! The hat pattern is "Van's Twisted Rib Hat" from Dream in Color. The gloves are free from South West Trading Company, called Fingerless Gloves. There are countless errors in this pattern, I'm still writing them up!

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P. Mookie said...

That looks like the ever-popular David riding on the cycle. He looks great. Bet he runs into everything too.