Friday, September 28, 2007


My aunt, P. Mookie (not her real name) has been teaching me to sew and quilt and has encouraged a fabric addiction. This is a good thing as I've been making gifts for people and it's gives me some great ideas for new things to create with my hands. I do think there should be some kind of personality test involved with picking new crafts-do you like to iron or press things? Do you compulsively buy things? Do you see the point of cutting up a large piece of fabric into smaller pieces and sewing those small pieces back together into a large piece of fabric?

I have a legacy of crafty female stock to call on-mostly quilting and embroidery, not many knitters like myself. P. Mookie taught me how to make pillow cases and she's made a number for us. Last time I was at her house, she gave me a new batch, I unfolded them, took a look, made sure to comment how much I liked them, folded them back up and put them down. "Who folded these like this?" My aunt asked, with a little laugh. She took each case, folded it in half, in half again and then thirds.

I brought the cases home and showed my mom. She opened each one and folded it the same way as my aunt, half, half and thirds. My mom and my aunt have made different life choices, but they came from the same stock of strong women who have passed on a number of traits, including the proper way to fold a pillowcase. It's funny how close sisters can be, but we always know exactly how to make the other one mad (I'm speaking from my experiences on this one.) My sister Dithy likes to pinch my butt, I'm in a constant clench in her presences and I'm conscience of who is behind me. Luckily, I was granted the pregnancy dispensation, but that will become exempt very soon. Hopefully, I can ask for a breastfeeding one next!
I remember a day when my mom showed me how to fold a pillowcase and I brushed it off and decided to do it my way. For the record, I've changed the way I do it now, and here it is demonstrated on some birthday gifts I made for Butter's friends. We've got at least 7 birthdays in October (friends, my husband, his mom and the most important birthday coming up!) You'd think people would find something better to do in January!

I always ask other mothers if their children of opposite gender are still close. I like the idea of my matched set, but I wonder if they will be close. Close enough to be honest with the other and know how to make the other one laugh and also cry with the pinch of a butt! If they are pinching each others butts' as adults, I'd rather not hear about it.


Carrie said...

I am devastated your aunt's real name isn't P. Mookie!!

Nevertheless, those pillow cases are adorable! Now why didn't I think of that?!

P. Mookie said... of my favorite great nephews called me "Aunt Patty Mookie." No idea where the Mookie came from, but I loved it. And now I have shortened it to P. Mookie. FYI - I call the author of Prudden House "Geatter."

Anonymous said...

Not one of your favorite nephews, The favorite Nephew.
Great idea for gifts. I had no idea so many birthdays are in Oct. I don't think I have any.
The butt pincher.
P.S. I know you love it when I pinch your butt.