Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why Women Can't Be Engineers

I'm knitting a belt for my sister for Cmas (don't worry, it's not a surprise, she already knows, that means it's not you, Michelle!). I found the perfect yarn and ordered a belt buckle online. It's described as a 4.5" leather closure and the photo includes a scrap of leather. I figured that's just for samples' sake. Here's what came in the mail.
Don't see the problem? Here it is again with a quarter for perspective.

The WHOLE THING is only 4.5," including the leather! According to E! news, skinny belts are in this year, but this would be ridiculous. I think I'll have to shop for one in person.

In other news, Friday was our first day of Mommy and Me preschool. He looks pretty cute, doesn't he.

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