Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dear Neighbors,

I heard it, too. It was 7:30 am and my husband and I were hoping to sleep in a bit more. Our 2 year old was playing in his room. We heard him reading his books, then it got quiet. Some one's car alarm goes off. "I think the boy went downstairs," I said. That car alarm sounds familiar. My husband runs downstairs. There's the boy, with my car keys in his hand, hitting the panic button.

We apologize for the noise this morning. Especially after all the times I complained when you play your drums in your garage or drive your remote control cars with their squealing engines in the middle of the road, or play an electric organ at 11 pm because your parents are out for the night and I think, "I've got a 2 year old in bed, if you wake him up I'll bring him over to your house!" Anyways, sorry for the rude awakening.

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