Monday, July 23, 2007

Les Schwabb Rocks The Hizzouse and Entitlement

I'm not one to offer up a corporate endorsement, but Les Schwab, the tire place, made me feel special on Friday. Butters and I did all sorts of errands, starting with having LS take a look at my leaky tire. B touched every tire in the waiting room, proclaimed some "booful," some big, and some Truck Tires. We must have waited about 45 minutes when they told me it was done, they patched the hole and sign here, No Charge. Really? I don't owe you anything? But I didn't even buy my tires here. The Man Behind the Counter said, "No charge, it will leave you more money for McDonald's." Well, I was so taken aback by the complimentary service, I didn't start into a Why McDonald's is Bad speech, I just thanked him and moved on to the next stop.

I felt special all day. I figured it must be because I was pregnant and chasing around a 2 year old. My husband got home and burst the bubble, they give free patch repairs to everyone, even if you didn't buy their tires!

My shock made me think about entitlement. Because as I was waiting, and there were 3 other people in there, I actually thought, they should serve me first because I'm pregnant and chasing around a 2 year old. When I walk the dog and cross the street, I give the evil eye if you don't stop for me. T and I had an disagreement once and he mentioned my sense of entitlement and at the time I thought he was ridiculous. But I do feel certain things are owed to me and that I should be given certain luxuries. I tend to use the same excuse as if it has no expiration date. "I gave birth to him", "I carried him for nine months", "I stay home and watch the baby" It got me a week vacation in Italy, but I'm not sure if I've used up too many points! When can I stop using aspects of motherhood (and womanhood) as a get out of jail free card?

And, has it earned me a day at a wholesale cash and carry yarn outing with the knitting store?

Last weekend we went to the in-laws and Butters had a blast playing with his cousin. He even at corn off the cob. They grow up so fast, his feet were even smelly the other day! Little babies don't have smelly feet, my boy is growing up!

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merseydotes said...

I definitely felt entitled when I was pregnant. I would absolutely shoot death stares at people who wouldn't give up their seats to me, the pregnant woman.

My sister is the queen of entitlement. She is always talking about why she deserves this or earned that. I worry about her a little, in that she seems so focused on keeping score, her vs. the universe (or her husband or our dad or whatever). Like it is not enough for her to want something, but she has to convince herself that she is justified in getting it.