Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Update

I went to the Needle Arts Expo in Tukwila this weekend! This is an event for distributors, yarn store owners and yarn makers and was not open to the public. The owner of the yarn store I work at, Let It Rain, brought us along to look at the companies new lines of yarn/patterns/products. I also got to take advantage of the cash and carry: wholesale to even deeper discounted yarns!

It was pure heaven. I was out from 3-10 pm and I'm probably not allowed to go to another knitting night again, but it was worth it. I got a tons of projects, project ideas and nearly all my needs for Christmas. Plus, yarn to make myself a sweater, which I have never done (you guessed it, the blue Frog Tree silk-cotton blend in the top left corner).

Also this weekend, we got a Big Boy Bed! He's very excited but nap time and bedtime are definitely more....interesting. I also nearly ended up in the emergency room Friday having braxton-hicks contractions because I was so dehydrated. I good reminder to take care of myself. My husband was out of town so I was a little scared, but I promise to call for help next time. Something always happens when they go out of town, doesn't it? The dog peed in the house, one cat puked and the other knocked a plant down a flight of stairs. Lovely.

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Liane said...

Ooo pretty yarn! I want to touch it. Don't forget to drink your wa-wa! (says Micah)