Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Knitting Question

I've been busy knitting, or maybe just thinking about knitting all time. Either way, it seemed like I wasn't getting anything done. No finished objects and my two main projects were on small needles. It was hurting my eyes. I'm working on the lotus tank top and a pair of sock-knitting two at a time on one long needle. I'm loving doing socks this way. But, on a size two needle with 72 casted on, knitting two is the same number of stitches as a tiny sweater and you don't see your progress. Same with lotus, the lace is taking so long, it's about an hour for each row. Ack.

Sooo, I needed some instant gratification and I casted on for another project. Don't think I only have two things going, I made another project bag because I have so many unfinished objects, see the peace fabric above (other ufos: jenny's socks, maria's wedding lace shawl, cable bag, pi shawl). Add another to the pile. This is one I've been thinking about for a year now. My friend Carrie gave me some Handmaiden seasilk, it's a silk and seaweed yarn that is deadly soft and gorgeous. And expensive (she's a good friend to have!). It calls for the perfect pattern. I found this stole pattern for Diamanta and fell in love. I knitted this one repeat while waiting for the hubby in surgery. I like the pattern, even the purl 15 together (whaaa!) But, it's totally not working for this yarn. I think there is too much drape. The pattern needs a stickier yarn, doesn't it? I have to take this out and find something else, something that shows flat stitches for this silk yarn and would be close to my skin. What do you think?

I should buy the cashmere from the store and use it for this Diamanta pattern, shouldn't I? I mean, I like the $6 pattern and it needs $45 worth of yarn to go with it. Then, I'll think of something else to do with the silk!


Carrie said...

Of course you should buy the cashmere! What a silly question ;) Then again I've been thinking I should buy some myself!

Asd for the sea silk, I have some and I'm as stuck as you! So no help there.

Amy said...

Yea for the Cashmere! :-)