Saturday, June 28, 2008

WIP update

Work In Progress update:
I finished the lace bottom on the lotus tank (going from top right), I'm so over that lace, sick and tired of it. Now just plain knitting for the top.

I sewed some fast fleece booties for my mother in law. I asked for her help with using patterns, never done that before. She's an amazing seamstress which is why I can't give her these booties-full of errors I'd be too embarrassed! So, I keep at it and make these guest booties. I love the pattern and plan to make these for nearly every person on my Festivus list!

Next, a purple sweater for the baby for next fall. I couldn't take all that tiny knitting and lace and cotton. I needed some instant gratification. So, I started an EZ bog jacket. Since this photo was taken, I've started on the sleeves and done the 'thumb trick.' I'll tell you more later.

Last, a canvas bag accented with some funky fabric. My goal was to cover up the words Preptec, this was a free bag with some marketing on it, it's not perfect, but I practiced and I reached my goal! "Ya gotta have a goal, do you have a goal?" (I know a few ladies out there will know what movie that is from).


Carrie said...

SUCH a good idea with the bag! I have a few I should do that too.

Also, lotus blossom tank and bog jacket are on my todo list, can't wait to see how they turn out!

DecaturHeel said...

Great idea! Speaking of Festivus, it's right around the corner...time to start getting in shape for the feats of strength!