Saturday, June 28, 2008

Second Favorite

I don't know if it's favoritism, confidence or laziness, but the baby gets away with a lot more than Butters used to! I figure if she wants to play with my yarn, fine. Anything tangled can get untangled, if she eats it, I'll know she's not allergic to wool and if it keeps her busy for 5 minutes, I can get more done!

The baby had hives last week. Maybe if it was three years ago and this was my first baby, I would have taken her to the doctor. Instead, we called the doctor (happened at 5 pm on a Friday, of course:) He said it could be a virus, nothing you can do. Teething, nothing you can do. Or, a food allergy, nothing you can do. So, we waited, it went it's course. We watched for a fever, I didn't introduce any new foods. She's fine now, but she did look horrible! That's the confidence of a second baby, it's probably not going to kill her, she'll be fine, let's just go to the park.

I'll spend long moments just staring at her and kissing her and making her laugh, because I know how fast the time goes and that to me is the biggest difference with a second! Still, I started a second sweater for her and I haven't made one for Butters yet, I better rethink this.

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Carrie said...

I know what you mean. I keep trying to memorize everything!!