Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tide Poolin'

Went to the beach in the early evening to catch low tide and try and find some sea life. Last time we went here, we had Drandma's help and I was able to find more with Butters (hermit crabs, sea crabs, anemones).

This time, I had Sister strapped to me, and we didn't find as much! (I think I need a face lift from this photo!)

We had a nice time until Butters decided to run down the beach without me. Instead of freaking out, I just went with it and waited for him to come back. He didn't come back.

We walked calmly back together, I didn't let go of his hand. I talked to him endlessly about how he needs to stay with mama, I was worried about him, he needs to be a good listener. "Okay, Mama, I love you." He's been an absolute sweetheart lately. But, he's still a Three Year Old, so what can you expect. I find my reaction matters the most. If I'm calm and serious, he'll take it more seriously. We'll see how it goes!

Today, I think we'll stay close to home, get some errands done. We are also potty training, been without pull ups all week so far. If he's naked, he knows to go in the potty, if he has pants on, he doesn't think of it. I wish it was more acceptable for boys to wear skirts! We'll see how this goes, too! For this trip, they are re-doing the beach and he got to go in the port o potty twice (called honey buckets here!), that was fun!

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Amy said...

I think the term "Honey Bucket" is hilarious... never heard of them before moving here... just plain old port-a-potties where I come from :-)