Saturday, May 31, 2008

Support the locals

Baby Girl has an impossible-to-capture-on-camera fuzzhead. She'll sit for hours playing and butt scooting all around the carpet. Butters likes to play with her and he tells her he loves her. I walked them to the park in a double stroller and he held her hand the whole way, so cute! He kisses her and commentates, "I will kiss her, she's so cute. She a little baby and she has little tiny feet!"

Baby E makes grouchy faces all the time. She's starting to pull herself up and has a bit of a red tint to her voluminous hair! She still wakes up throughout the night, sometimes every two hours. I expect to wake up in the morning and see a mouth full of teeth or that she's grown 6 feet. I don't believe in sleep training, so unless it becomes unbearable we'll just keep what we are doing for now-lots of snuggling and serious co-dependency (and coffee)!

Husband is recovering slowly from sinus surgery. First the ER nose bleed, massive pain, back injury, now the surgery. He's been in pain for most of this year! It's been three weeks since he could help out much, I can really feel for the single mom.

My local yarn store, Let It Rain, is going out of business. I'm sad beyond words-support your local stores, restaurants and merchants!


P. Mookie said...

I see red hair, I really do. It's faint, but it's there. Once her whole head fills out with thick, curly locks, you'll see more red. You really will. There's red. I see it.

Annelies said...

I agree - support the good local merchants! I was so disheartened when the proprietor of one of the best locally-owned bookstores around here said he had to close shop, and that was even after months of struggle and public support.

Clizz said...

You have such a beautiful family and are doing such a wonderful job!!! Keep ya head up girl. Can't wait to see SATC with you.