Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Boy Is Three

Butters is 3! We had a nice family celebration on Tuesday with an earthworm birthday cake-a special request. More partying still to come.

Husband is still hurting, but Grandma is here to help so we are keeping...sane. For now! Thanks for all the well wishes. If you live in the area and want to cut my grass, come on over.

I had a little time to sew last week or the week before (I'm so tired, I don't remember). I had to use up some bobbin thread to work on a secret birthday project for Auntie Maria. I made Butters some quick bean bags (the easier solution would be to buy more bobbins, but it's hard to leave the house alone). The bags were fast and far from perfect and to thumb my nose at the media-I filled them with RICE!


Anonymous said...

Ack I thought his bday was the 31st. Missed yet another birthday!! Happy Birthday cutie! I love how he is eyeing that cake...

Annelies said...

Happy Birthday Butters!!!

And your cake looks scrumptious.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Butters!!