Friday, February 1, 2008


In college, I was the one with the car. It was a crappy car, a plymouth grand am, brown. Whenever I drove down the main road to the mall or whever hell else the main road went, (I've blocked it out of my head!!), I'd pass a futon shop that had a "Going Out of Business Sale," banner. This store had the banner up all four years of college. And, all four years, as I drove past it, I'd say, "That store has had that banner up since the first time I drove by!" It was like a disease, I had to mention it to the passenger. Many times, that passenger was Beth, and she'd say, "You say that EVERY TIME!" Then, it became this big joke and I'd say it just to make her mad....anyway it was a college friend thing and pretty funny to us!

Butters has a ritual, too. A bathroom ritual. He makes the toilet talk, it says the same thing everytime. At first it was cute, then we got a little worried that he could have OCD, then I remembered that I do the same thing. We have a little training potty that sits next to the toilet and a potty seat on the toilet (Dr. Merry's Potty Pal, everyone asks about it). Here is his ritual, he does it all in a higher pitch voice and makes the actors talk:

Little potty says: You forgot to step on the stool

Stool says: Step on me, oh, okay

Big toilet lid says: Pee on me

I'll bet, if I drove past that futon store today, the sign would be there, and I'd have to mention it! We're hoping Butters grows out of this one and doesn't make the toilet talk when he's on a job interview or meeting his girlfriends parents!


merseydotes said...

I wonder if his head would explode if you moved the little potty out of the room in the middle of the night. (Not that I want Butters' head to explode!)

bfromchambers420 said...

Oh, Market Place Mall.