Monday, February 11, 2008


Well my darling husband's (dh) fever turned out to be the flu, not chicken pox. Unfortunately, he gave that to Butters who has been sick since Tuesday with fever, runny nose and now coughing. I'm busy trying to keep the baby and I from getting sick (washing everything in the house) and keeping everyone else happy.

Here is how I survive: when everyone is alseep at night, I'm slowing watching the greatest miniseries of the greatest book of all time! And, knitting a pi shawl by Zimmerman. I met the alpaca's of Misty Ridge who donated the fiber for this and I'm making up the pattern at I go along. I know it looks like a hat right now, but it will flatten out to be a circular shawl very soon!
We are still waiting for those teeth to come in. Teeth, if you can hear this, get it over with already! Put us out of our misery.
PS. Spell check on blogger is not working, so ignore my misspellings! *wink wink* I used to cheat on spelling tests in Jr. High (sorry Mrs. Lochle and to my parents) and I'm still paying for it. Let this be a lesson to you.

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merseydotes said...

Do you think we didn't know you cheated on your spelling tests? 8-)