Monday, February 25, 2008

Is It Over Yet?

I'm looking forward to February being over.
Someone has been sick nearly every week and it seems like bad things just keep happening. Look at the eyes on that very unhappy baby. Don't worry, she's feeling better. She even manages to smile through her watery eyes and runny nose. It's impossibly cute.

We went to three birthday parties this month, including 2 Princess Parties. Butters loves cake. It's his favorite part.

One party was at Jump Planet, here it is, my self deprecating photo, also known as, I'm Never Wearing That Shirt Again! I sustained a small injury-a skinned elbow. But, I never complain. (Yeah right, Mrs. Bennet!) I had red eye and I tried to process it out, making me look a bit more bug-eyed than I really do.

The good news: March is just around the corner, as announced by my favorite seasonal flavor of B&J, Dublin Mudslide. There it is, right next to some frozen breast milk in my fridge, should I ever get the chance to go see a movie again! But, I never complain.

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