Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow and No Snow

We got snow on Sunday night, I watched it fall as I nursed the baby around midnight. When we woke up (around 7 am) there were several inches on the ground. I tried to get my husband to take an hour delay from work and play in the snow, but the forecast called for more the next day, so off he went to work. We played with our new sled and snowball maker, had a friend over and watched all the snow melt away. The sun came out and it was beautiful and blue out, but slushy.

The promised snow for last night, never came. You have to understand, my husband LIVES for snow, he was super excited at the prospect. He grew up in this area and knows that you have to have the perfect combination to get actual snow. We get the rain, because we are close to the ocean, which makes it warmer, which means - no snow. Which, I guess, happened last night. The look on his face when he pulled back the curtains, expecting a blanket of white. . . So sad. Live for the moment!

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