Sunday, January 6, 2008


We just finished our third and final Christmas! We've had a wonderful end of the year and I hope everyone else has, too. It's a funny thing to make and have a baby in one calendar year-last Christmas, no baby and not even pregnant. This year, 2 kids. I don't always feel supported in my decision to breastfeed (I think I heard someone say this was the Breast christmas ever?), but one look at my 2.5 year old, who weaned at 14 months, and I'm re-dedicated. He's never had an ear infection, never been on antibiotics and never had any meds except occasional Tylenol. I'm hoping I haven't jinxed it! Sure, I can't wear a dress for another year and I can't just leave the baby at the last minute, but it's worth it for the health of my baby girl. Studies show bfing lowers the risk of diabetes and crone's disease and both run in my family, so I'll do whatever I can.

Okay, time to talk milestones! The baby started laughing, like, real belly laughing. She's also grown out of all her 0-3 month clothes. Butters went pee pee on the potty at the museum. And, I went to the dentist. I don't want to get TMI (too much information) but I haven't been in about 10 years. Seriously. The dentist told me, and this is an exact quote, "You've got a combination of great architecture and good genetics." I had no cavities, use natural toothpaste with no animal by product (did you know your toothpaste probably has cuttlefish in it?) and I never ever floss. The dentist even admitted that with my excellent oral hygiene, I probably didn't need to floss! I'm the poster child for dental avoidance!

Last three big milestones-I took both kids grocery shopping and I put air in my car tire BY MYSELF! These are big ones. I'm a hard core feminist and my husband and I claim to have no gender roles when it comes to cooking and cleaning, but when it come to fixing the car, I always kind of want my husband to take care of it. The low tire pressure light came on in the new car and Tsaid he'd take care of it. But, I remembered when my friend Sharon and I were on a road trip and we had a flat tire and we two smart girls tried to change said tire and ended up finding the creepiest looking skinny Canadian woodsman you've ever seen to help take the lug nuts off and we both swore we'd try harder next time. So, I got up the nerve, got over my fear of exploding tires, spent 75 cents on air and now my car's low tire pressure light is no longer illuminated!

Now, the trip to the store: When you have an infant and a large toddler who can't control himself from standing in the cart, pulling things off the shelves, etc and only two hands, trips to the grocery are not easy. You don't realize how easy things are with one kid until you have two! I had the baby in a pouch sling on my front, and Butters in the cart and I made him a list, complete with crappy pictures, of things he needed to help find. He was totally into helping. That, and a cookie and a sucker and $200 later when they asked if I needed help out to the car, I said, hells yeah! Which is my last milestone, accepting help when I need it.
I'll end this wordy post with a photo of the youngest and longest mullet I've ever seen in person. This is from Chuck E. Cheese, a place I'll reluctantly have to return to again some day! See the kid on the air hockey table in the back? Things are just not the same in Kentucky! In the front is Butters, I was trying not to be obvious while taking the photo!


Carrie said...

Wow, those are some milestones!

By the way, I envy your teeth!

merseydotes said...

Don't get too smug about the breastfeeding, Megs. Petunia didn't have an ounce of formula until she was almost six months old, and even then we introduced it one ounce at a time. She had pink eye so bad when she was a baby that both eyes swelled shut, and she was on a major antibiotic to get rid of it. The good health probably has as much to do with you staying home with your kids (and thus keeping them out of giant tangles of children on a daily basis) as with the breastfeeding.

sharon said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! i remember that skinny, canadian woodsman. AND i remember how he stood on that stupid wrench to move the lugnuts. we totally could have done that. but, recently, i had a good looking hawaiian mechanic help me fix a flat, and i'm not ashamed. i had a nice roadside picnic while waiting for him. love the milestones, love you. happy new year. mee.

Annelies said...

Yes, my friends and I talk often about how the ease of having one child is wasted on the parents with one kid. Kind of like youth is wasted on the young. Shopping is SO easy with one child after having two in tow for so long!