Saturday, January 12, 2008

Suck it, Martha!

Like Charlie Brown, I didn't want to support the capitolism of Christmas; I started this summer on presents and ideas for people. I wanted an eco-friendly holiday and even sewed holiday bags instead of wrapping (which is the reason for the title a la Kathy Griffins style, I actually like Martha). Of course, I realize, I had to BUY the materials to MAKE the gifts...anyways, here is the recap!

Starting from top left: washcloth and scrubber set with fancy Body Shop plum soap, cable belt for Dithy from Stitch and Bitch Nation, Sizzle tank from fancy yarn I ended up hating for Shelly, and a mobius basket for my Aunt Kathy from scrap Manos.

A felted flower for P. Mookie. Hand warmers and the Harlot's Cable Hat, wrapped in Cmas bags for NJ and Jill. And some handmade pillowcases for some crazy kids in San Fran.

I've actually got more! I made socks for C's grandpa and T made a birdhouse for his mom from recycled wood! I finished a week before Cmas and started a sweater for myself, it's been keeping me going and gave me something to do on the plan and on our trip.

Today is the baby's 3rd birthday month-I did a photo shoot but my camera battery died. More tomorrow.
PS. Blogger SUCKS, I can't get the layout right for this, preview never works and the darn photos keep moving on me. Anyhoos, that's why the text is all wonky, sorry!

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P. Mookie said...

I love my gerber daisy, but it is lonely. Perhaps this holiday season you'll felt it a friend...a daffodil or a tulip perhaps?