Friday, January 25, 2008

My Matched Set

He likes to give her things.

She smiles and laughs at the sight of him (or has a look of complete fear!)

95% of the time, they are my sweet little matched set.

It's the other 5% that is giving me an ulcer! But, we are having a wonderful time together. Butters tells some of the funniest stories and has an incredible imagination. Today he asked if we could go across the street to see his cousins, Andrew, Jake and Tyler (they live many miles away). She smiles if you even look in her direction!
And, I'm almost done with my sweater, Wicked! I've been asked to write for the shop blog at Let It Rain, click here to read it. I'll ramble on about knitting and try not to bore you about it here, visit me there and leave some comments!
We are hoping to get snow this weekend to try out the new sled and awesome snow suits from our friend, Anna!


bfromchambers420 said...

what a beautiful pair! i can't wait to meet baby girl in person.

Carrie said...

Hey I tried to comment on the LIR blog but it gave me a redirecting error?

Anyway obviously you should cast on for yourself! Pi Shawl sounds great.. I'd like to do that one too!

P. Mookie said...

Baby girl has the most beautiful face/head I've ever seen. She's so pretty.

Butters is all smiles with a touch of mischief.

And just so Aunt Butt Pincher doesn't turn green, her son T is also adorable.