Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Non-Native Speaks Her Mind

I've lived here in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) for over a year now, so I feel it's safe to complain a bit about this area. Sure, it's beautiful and green and we could actually afford to buy a house, but here are the things I really need to get off my chest:

1. My towel is never dry. I hang it over the heater, over the shower rod, nothing works, it's always slightly damp.

2. No one uses an umbrella or any rain gear. Like, if you use an umbrella in the rain here, you are immediately labeled a tourist or a total p*ssy, I guess!

3. Everyone drinks so much coffee, they can't understand that you would consider drinking anything else. On every other block is a drive thru coffee stand and on the two occasions that I've stopped and gotten a hot chocolate, the women asked me if it was for a child! She wouldn't make it as hot. I was so embarrassed, I said, "Uh, Yes?"

4. On the blocks were there isn't a coffee stand, there's an adult store, you know DVDs, books, equipment and other accoutrement. I guess the rain makes people horny.

5. I can't get used to the fact that I live NORTH of Seattle. I didn't think there WAS anything north of Seattle other than Canada. So, to get on the expressway and go to Seattle I have to remind myself every time-SOUTH.

On the other hand, this morning I watched from my window-a bald eagle circling the river below. Now, I know that the bald eagle has an inflated rep, but that isn't something I've ever seen in California, Kentucky, New York or Mass or any of the other states I've lived in. At least not from the comfort of my own home.
I don't know, the kitties seem to like it!


Liane said...

Hee hee you are funny. All those things you just listed, I've never given them a second thought! I guess I am a PNWer at heart LOL. I've always been tempted go to into those stores but afraid that I might run into my friend's parents, or someone even more embarrassing. Guess I'll do my shopping online now that I'm not living with my parents anymore!

Carrie said...

The bald eagles impress me every time too. I can't get over it!