Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Little Things

Sometimes my little buddy will do a simple thing that makes me so happy to stay home with him. Sure, I love taking him to the Zoo, and even went to the Everett Symphony this weekend, but today was special. He chased a sunbeam.

It was very sunny but chilly this morning and the cat had opened the curtains a smidge to let in a ray of light. The ray traveled down to the floor and made a spot about 6 feet long. C stopped in his tracks when he saw it and ran along the sunbeam, back and forth, back and forth. Still in his footed PJs while I was distracted by breakfast, I peaked in at him, because it was too quiet. (I get worried when it's too quiet or if he's laughing too much, that would involve one of the pets!) He was happy to watch his feet in the sun. I would never have noticed it was there, kids are good at pointing those things out!

Let's make sure other parents can stay home with their kids, if they choose to. Click here.

In other news, here are some finished projects, they've been mailed and the recipients know who they are!

Slippers for a nephew on top. Pattern is Fuzzy Feet done in double stranded Cascade 220. Happy birthday today!

Kimono Sweater from Natural Knits for kids in Dark Horse Fantasy. I sewed the buttons wrong if you are Japanese.

The Amelie dress from Natural Knits in Manos Cotton. I modified it to be in the round. I hate seams.


merseydotes said...

Megababe, you slipped out of 'blogger' mode and used your son's real name, FYI. Pseudonyms take awhile to get used to. 8-)

Carrie said...

Love how the kimono turned out!! Everything looks great :)