Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Spring?

Here's a photo of Butters from this weekend. We're having gorgeous weather and trying to do some landscaping. Butters helped plant some seeds and otherwise enjoyed swinging most of the weekend!

I've been sick as a...pregnant lady. Sinus issues, coughing and yesterday I managed to puke on all my clothes! Socks, pants, and 2 shirts! Too much information, I know. I can't smell the beautiful lilacs in our yard!
In other pregnancy related items. I'm having the craziest dreams!
1. I was Madonna's assistant. She had this cool, Indian inspired house. We swam in the pool together and people kept bothering us. I told her, "You are MADONNA!"

2. I saw Aaron Schacter (sp?) from high school for a split second in my dream. Wha?

3. Butters had a twin! I forgot to mention it to my midwife, I came into an appointment with B and a big chubby boy, about 9 months old. He had big dark eyes and tons and tons of hear.

Those are just a few. I'll keep you posted! Time to go outside and enjoy the sun, we may only have it today!


merseydotes said...

Did you know there is an NPR reporter named Aaron Schachter? The first time I heard him, I almost pulled the car off the road. But then I realized it wasn't the same guy.

PS-My mom tells me that Aaron has a baby now.

Carrie said...

You are totally having a boy. Can we come swing? :)

merseydotes said...

Hey, did you get my email that I'm coming to Seattle in a week and a half? Drop me a line. Let's hook up.