Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter-Better Late Than Never

We honored Easter pagan-style-with chocolate bunnies and a feast with the family. (But, my mom did manage to sneak in an opera-cream cross!) The holiday was even more fun this year as Bud and I were both sick and still are! But, I'll start at the beginning and walk you through it with pictures:

Friday, got an Easter Basket from Grandma and Grandpa in KY.
C got to have his first Reece cup egg. My favorite as the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is much higher than regular Reece cups!
It didn't take long for the sugar to wear off:
That night he was up sick with a fever and in the morning this is what he looked like:

Here's the view from the side:
Do we drive down to the in-laws? We can't decide, we wait for the other to make the decision, we rally and go. We get to see T's grandpa and snap a 4 generation photo:
C got to have his own egg hunt, he started to catch on that finding eggs were a good thing! And, he used knitted mobius bowl, that I made him! We had a good time, but we probably should have stayed home and rested!

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