Saturday, April 28, 2007

Crafty Update

I got a Viking for Cmas, so I had better learn to sew. Here is my first completed sewn gift.

It's a pillowcase. I've realized my taste in fabric is just as expensive as my taste for yarn! But these lotus flowers were just perfect for my friend Nancy-yay hon!

I've also learned a few things about sewing. Sewing takes patience and you are supposed to pre-shrink and even iron (!?!) your fabric. I don't iron. That's why I'm attracted to knitting. If you take a look at the next photo, you'll see I learned a few other things with this project.

I'm new to sewing, but I'm pretty sure your seams aren't supposed to look like this! Luckily, I don't think Nanc will loose sleep over it. I've also figured out that if you use the pattern on the fabric as a guide for a straight seam, unless you cut said fabric straight-your seam will not be straight. It's a learning process, but it's fun.

I also learned crochet. My friend who only knits said, "Why would you want to learn to crochet." The answer-edgings, quick blankets and it only takes one hand. I figure it will be easier to crochet and breastfeed than to knit and breastfeed. But I'll still pronounce it crotch-it.

In knitting news, I finished 'Darling' for my friend's daughter. Well, it's done except for embroidering flowers, now I just need to learn how to embroider. The color is a bit dark, but the mom request a chocolate brown and I like dark chocolate so I went with it. It's lighter than in these photos. I loved doing this top down with a raglan increase. No seams! I hate sewing, whoops, I guess I shouldn't have asked for that Viking for Cmas!

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Liane said...

need a picture of your machine!!!! what's your next project?