Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We've been busy getting ready for Santa and the holidaze!
Be like Brother
Not like Sis
Enjoy the holidays
Don't be piss(ed)
Butters was amazed, he hung on his every word. It was adorable, Santa liked his shirt, "It's a Santa Booby trap!"
We are mostly on the mend from sickness but still crazy with the thoughts of presents, visitors and traveling. For the crafters out there now is the time to fish or cut bait. Mittens? Mostly done. Hat, just started. Blanket, maybe next year!
I finished up my holiday shopping at a local women owned toy store-Rowdy Rascals. The prices were higher than amazon, but I supported a local business and she wrapped my gifts and carried them to my car since I had my hands full with the baby, you don't get that on line or from toys r us. I bought some amazing, responsible toys. We have a lot of plastic crap, so I'm trying to cut back and have better, fewer toys.

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Elizabeth said...

Amen! How do you broach this with the grandparents? I'm getting blank stares...