Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Home Sick

We've been wiping runny noses and dealing with sleepless nights around here. Last night I laid awake for hours, I just couldn't fall asleep. I couldn't blame a hungry or crying child or even growing pains. Just me. Awake. I listened for more rats in our attic, let the dog out at 2 am and I tried drinking milk. Tonight, I plan to stay up late so I'm super tired and will fall asleep no problem.

I've been crafting up a storm, and it looks like a storm hit my craft room. Here's a sneak peak. I've also got startitis since I finished a number of projects. Started a hat and getting ready to put another pair of socks on the needle.

Baby E leans back like she's doing a limbo, it's the funniest thing but not quite captured on film. You have some come and see it! She also gives her baby a bath, loves peek a boo and reads the book Ready, Set, Go!

The Boy has been less than a joy lately (here he is with make up on his face). Testing me/us daily, pestering sister. I was threatening to email Santa before 8 am the other morning, just to give you an idea! I've been at the end of my rope some days. Three and a half is supposed to be a tough time for them, possibly the hardest yet, until puberty. I think the holidays add a level of craziness to everything also. He's great when we go out, but with the sickness, we've been home. And I'm climbing the walls! Luckily, there is Christmas knitting to keep me busy.

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