Thursday, September 11, 2008

More School

Today was the first full on, drop off preschool day. It was awesome, he loved it, had a great time, listened and I got to wash my bedding and go to the post office. The two hours went by quickly, but I think this will be a great year. He walked right in and we hung his Mariners hat on the hook with his name on it. Found his name tag then he got to pick a letter to sit down on. He scrutinized the carpet and picked the letter Bb. I stood there for a bit, then kids started screaming and crying and the teachers suggested we leave. I waved and bolted and had a flash of excitement, then I felt completely free! We are growing up, it feels good. Preschool is going to be good for us, he needs to take direction from others and learn more social skills. We're all excited.

Also went to the zoo this week, where E got to play with the big kids. We saw the new flamingo exhibit and had a good time, the weather has been great this week.

Finally heard from the Drs. this week, they are recommending radiation, pathology indicated the cancer had gone into the bone, but they got good margins. So, our little Cancer Adventure will take us into the fall, but winter and spring are gonna rock, we are looking forward to being done with all of this.

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P. Mookie said...

Butters looks fantastic in red. I'm so glad we share the same favorite color.

I love the daffodil hanging on the door and if you throw it away, throw it my way. I love it!

Ms. E is mighty tall standing up! You go girl!