Saturday, September 27, 2008


Okay, I thought I was done with the cheesy pun titles but I guess I've got a few more in me! Today we did a corn maze in Snohomish.

This is definately a local thing, they cut pictures and mazes into the corn or grow it and you pay to go through. We went to Stocker Farm, it was over a mile walk and Butters did all but the last 50 meters!

Then, we went to the Pie Place and had Apple Crumble, Strawberry Rubarb, and Blueberry ala mode pies. He had a little help with his!

Supporting the locals, definately better than Dairy Queen!


Carrie said...

Where is pie place? Sounds yummy!

P. Mookie said...

Butters is a miniature Geatter and Baby E is a miniature DH.

Sooooo cute.