Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Public Demands News!

The public wants an update and photos to view! Here's a random post to keep everyone updated and in our daily lives...
You think she's so sweet and innocent, but this the real Baby E.

Boat ride around harbor was complete with boat sounds (yes, he always has food on his face).

I finished the bag I've been avoiding for almost 3 years. I'm going to have a lot of knitting time coming up and decided I can't cast on any thing new until I finish some ancient UFOs.

Also finished my pair of socks-the same size since I knitted them at the same time.

We've figured out who E will be for Halloween-Paul Shaffer!


Liane said...

OMG you finished THE BAG?!!? I hope you are going to keep it, not give it away. I think you were working on that when we first met! I can never finish stuff, you rock. Love the picture in the bath!

Amy said...

I remember that bag! :-) Hooray for finishing old projects! I heart E in the bath- funny. I'm having Patience and Faye over this weekend. Can you believe I haven't seen them since the store closed? Or you for that matter... Take care. Miss ya!