Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Edible Yard

This year we planted edible, native landscaping in our yard. Our first year here, we spent a lot of time and money on a garden and didn't end up with much-failed tomatoes, bug infested broccoli, yellow zukes, but lots and lots of peas. The second summer, we made the front half of our house less of an eyesore with bushes and some flowering plants. This year, we went with what worked-we planted peas along the fence (took less than 5 minutes), and put in raspberry, current and blueberry bushes.

We had enough currents for some snacking and a batch of muffins. The other berries didn't do so hot, but the peas went crazy (nearly 7 feet high) and we eat them almost everyday. Butters has enjoyed snacking from the yard and we are waiting for the day that our plums will ripen.

Don't worry, all the harvesting still leaves plenty of time for spinning.

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Carrie said...

An edible yard -- a goal of mine as well :) Sounds like fun!