Monday, July 28, 2008

Family Tradition

I was lucky enough to have known my great grandmother until I was a young adult. Her father was a firefighter when they used to have horse and buggy fire carts! She was born in 1901 and at 16 was told to get married or go to school. She got married, then 'divorsed' and married the same guy again. I didn't know my grandfather, I was told he died of, 'moonshinin.' I never knew if this ment some kind of run in with local law enforcement Boss Hog style or liver failure.

You may remember we have a several plum trees in our yard and we started a batch of plum wine last year. July 1st we got a chance to try the wine and it's excellent! Best served chilled or over ice, it's a dry blush wine with a slightly sweet finish. And, it can get ya drunk! We are carrying on the family tradition! Some of you may find this in your stockings this winter!


merseydotes said...

I'm so impressed! I wish I could have a bottle, but I'm sure it was a "limited run."

jad said...

I don't drink wine and that's so cool that I want a bottle. That's the hillbilly in you shinin' through for sure!