Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th

Usually I travel back to KY for the July 4th holiday, but since we didn't know what was going to be happening w/DH and I waited too long to book my tickets (they got up $900 and the lessthanhelpful Delta agent taught me all about blackout dates, basically I can't use my companion tickets for months!!), we stayed close by and visited Grandma and Grandpa!

The kids had a blast and the extra help meant some R&R for husband and I as well. The house is on a lake and it's just gorgeous, Husband went fishing and ate the trout he caught for lunch, Butters went swimming (more like almost drowning after not listening to your parents tell you to not walk any farther into the water), B learned to swing by himself (bottomless-pottytraining), we went paddle boating, went to Point Defiance Zoo and rode the carosel, ate outside, practiced standing, stayed up late for fireworks, all the fun summer stuff.

This week, we've got the final appointment before T's second surgery. The Dr. will go over the results of the MRI so we'll know more about what the surgery will look like-either simple and up the nose or....not so simple and involving a neurosurgeon. I think the shock of the Big C has worn off-I stopped making T his favorite cookies, giving him the bigger piece of avocado and just generally being overly nice to him. Things are back to normal.
PS. Yes, I made the fruity flag, it's fruit pizza modified from this recipe, and yes, I included the standing at the stairs photo so you could see the stars and stripes on E's patriotic dress!


merseydotes said...

Cute pics all around!

I'll be praying hard that the surgery is simple and up the nose. Something has to go right, right?

Shell said...

Megan your 4th sounds nice. Hanging out with family and eating that cool fruity flag.

I hope all goes well with the doctor. Hoping for the simple route. Keep us posted.